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Southern Chow Chow Club, Inc.

Club Officers are elected at the last meeting of the "Club Year".  This meeting, designated as the Annual meeting, is normally held in May. 


The current elected officers are as follows:

    President:          Craig Barrick (
    Vice President:  Dr. Joyce Dandridge
    Treasurer:           Joanne Lesko (
    Secretary:           Debbie Hockaday

The Board of Directors is comprised of the elected Officers (listed above) and four (4) Directors.  Each Director is elected for two (2) year terms.  The terms of two (2) Directors shall expire in even numbered years, while the terms of the other two (2) Directors shall expire in odd numbered years.  The current members of the Board of Directors are as follows:

    Board Member:  Kandace Kettren      (2023-2025)
    Board Member:  Linda Fontana          (2022-2024)
    Board Member:  Bill Koehler               (2023-2025)
    Board Member:  Tom Masog               (2022-2024)

The President presides ex-officio over all SCCCI Committees except the Nominating Committee, and annually appoints Chairs to lead those committees.  For the current Club Year, the following are standing Committees and their Chairs: